After being a professional remodeler/renovator for many many many years the one question I get asked is where should I start if I want to remodel my bathroom or kitchen? Well luckily I have the answer for that! I ran across this article that I would love to share with you.

“Don’t start a home remodeling project without being fully prepared. Expert Josh Temple shares his top 10 dos and don’ts to get you ready for your next big project.

1. Don’t remove things from your house you don’t recognize — it may be important.

2. Do allow for waste or error when buying material — always get an extra 10 percent.

3. Do be prepared for what’s behind the drywall or plaster.

4. Don’t mess with structural framing without an engineer.

5. Don’t believe that hard work will make up for knowing what you’re doing.

6. Don’t stop a project mid-way.”

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Well it seems like I got tired of my office space really quickly. I just moved into my new apartment and man is it spacious but the office space is so tiny. While I can function pretty nicely, it’s hard to look at these blank walls, and dull color.

I turned to one of my trusty blog sites, Zillow and lucky for me they gave me just what I needed! A southwestern inspired room!

“I recommend filling your space with things that make you happy. It could be a framed band poster or a children’s piece of artwork” she said. “If it adds a personal touch and makes you happy, nothing fits the space more perfectly.”


Sounds like I need to get some Southwestern inspired artwork!

tile3Color ceramic tiles are considerably additional than a pretty accent for your kitchen wall surface ceramic tiles. If the colour tiles of your kitchen tile layouts do not give the feel to the room that you prefer – it could be time to provide your kitchen a shade makeover.

Shade is attributes’s means of revealing and developing feelings. There are no mishaps in attributes and there must be no chance events behind your innovative selection of color in your home. If your life really feels confused; if you go to a crossroads; if you lack the feelings of love or wealth, to change your moods, alter the color of your environments.

Use Environment-friendly To produce feelings of healthiness and wealth

We are affected emotionally and literally by our bordering shades. Because the kitchen is traditionally called the heart of our home, we intend to keep it healthy and balanced, sensible and rich.

Take into consideration making use of different hues of green for your kitchen backsplash tiles. One simply has to look at attributes and consider how lavish green yard shows up when it is well-nourished and healthy, and the fresh green colours discovered in veggies such as kiwis and broccoli.

Pals and household have the tendency to collect in the kitchen for food and fellowship. Green envelopes them in the sensations of a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Create Feelings Of cheeriness and Elevated Creativity with Yellow

If sunlight makes you happy, so will certainly yellow colour floor tiles in your kitchen! If your kitchen’s windowless and tiny, yellow is the best option. It will make a dark space show up bright and pleasant. Use a pale yellow to visually expand a small kitchen. Yellow produce gorgeous, distinctive kitchen backsplash floor tiles and also really attractive kitchen wall surface ceramic tiles.

For a larger kitchen, install abundant golden yellow shade floor tiles to develop a warm, cozy setting. This colour enhances ingenuity, impressive you to increase your culinary abilities. Yellow is representational of gold and can welcome wide range into your home!

Bring in Feelings Of Excitement, Enthusiasm and Warmth With Red

Intense red kitchen backsplash floor tiles could put your entire kitchen over alert. Red is an extremely well-liked color choice for kitchen designers, and when used effectively It could make quite a declaration. Red kitchen backsplash tiles and kitchen wall tiles have a flair of drama, enthusiasm and enjoyment.

A darker shade of red could develop a cozy warm radiance to the area. It creates a state of mind that envelopes your site visitors in pure comfort and heat. Red is also claimed to generate hunger. Possibly this is why most rapid meals business utilize this shade for their logo.

Red shade floor tiles are becoming progressively preferred for designing fashionable kitchen backsplashes. It does not matter if you spray them into your kitchen backsplash or tile the entire backsplash red, Red tones do a fantastic work of drawing the eye to them.

Do not restrict yourself with just producing the fantastic moods of red, environment-friendly and yellow. Nature materials us with numerous even more colors to produce state of minds. Proper color use in our houses could improve abundance, wellness, tranquility and favorable energy.

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Color floor tiles are much additional than a quite accent for your kitchen wall floor tiles. If the shade tiles of your kitchen tile layouts do not offer the feel to the space that you desire – it might be time to provide your kitchen a shade makeover.

Yellow makes for beautiful, appealing kitchen backsplash floor tiles as well as very eye-catching kitchen wall surface floor tiles.

Intense red kitchen backsplash tiles could put your entire kitchen on higher level. Red kitchen backsplash ceramic tiles and kitchen wall surface floor tiles have a flair of drama, exhilaration and interest.

Creating your dream kitchen can be a hassle, from kitchen backsplashes to tile, you need to find the right fit for your dream kitchen.

We make use of various methods to secure grout from contamination and soiling. In general exactly what we are attempting to attain thus is to make sure that the grout remains in its initial state and color, is easily cleaned and allows for durable usage be it in shower walls, wetrooms or cooking area floors.

The first system and most likely the most extensively utilized system for grout security is to apply a solvent based penetrating sealant When it has actually cured fully (usually 24hrs), this will generally not change the look of the grout. The idea here is that the grout is penetrated on a molecular level to such a degree that it becomes filled and will certainly not enable other impurities to penetrate and thereby stain the grout. There are a big number of grout protectors and such sealants available in hardware and tile shops, most common among them Lithofin or Fila. We tend to use Faber sealers as we find them extremely high quality and we have the tendency to find less issues and a happier set of clients. It is very important to keep in mind that if we are trying to protect old grout we must first ensure that the grout is thoroughly cleaned and completely dry.

The 2nd system for grout defense is the application to the cleaned and dried out grout of a surface based, topical sealant. Once again we have a huge option of types and again brands, but pre-eminent among those are the acrylic sealants from Buckeye which likewise protect the tile and seal surface area. We can also use numerous of emulsion based waxes and acrylic and water based waxes. These are topical sealers and as such are extremely really efficient in the short-term. The disadvantage of this system is that there can be a tendency with time for the topical sealers to wear off with footfall and or improper use of extreme cleaning agents. With the appropriate maintenance program, making use of ph neutral cleaning agents and the appropriate pick up systems to dry out the grout joints we can make sure a much longer lifespan of this sort of grout sealer.

Another grout sealing system which we make use of in Old 2 New Tiles is to use an acrylic resin bond to the cleaned and dried out grout. Therein it dyes or recolors the grout and at the very same time saturates the grout to prevent more soiling or staining and likewise and a lot of efficiently it acts as a topical sealer to leave the grout in showers or floors invulnerable to wine, coffee, tea or incorrect tan stains.

The last system for shielding grout serves just at the installation stage or if we a re prepared to remove the old or soiled grout as it is grout with stain protection developed in. As knowledgeable tile fitters we have actually found this kind of grout to be really effective at reducing the distress of soiled and stained grout. We advise Larsens stain resistant grout which comes in a range of colors and is available from great tile shops or by browsing online.

We hope this has actually responded to briefly some of the questions about grout sealants.

With the correct maintenance program, making use of ph neutral cleaning agents and the appropriate pick up systems to dry the grout joints we can ensure a much longer lifespan of this type of grout sealer.

Another grout sealing system which we make use of in Old 2 New Tiles is to apply an acrylic resin bond to the cleaned and dried out grout. Therein it dyes or recolors the grout and at the same time saturates the grout to avoid more soiling or staining and likewise and the majority of effectively it acts as a topical sealer to leave the grout in showers or floors invulnerable to wine, coffee, tea or incorrect tan discolorations. The last system for protecting grout is useful just at the setup stage or if we a re prepared to get rid of the old or soiled grout as it is grout with stain protection developed in.

Replacing or sealing in new tile can be quite the challenge, but it is not impossible. However if you can’t stand the look of your ugly grout anymore, calling a professional like |NW suburbs |Hinsdale, may not be a bad idea. For more information on Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning – MrTile-Grout, please go to today!

tile2You’re redecorating and have lastly tightened down your choice to granite. Now you must select a slab or tiles.

Why Does It Matter?

Countertops are typically heavily pre-owneded items in your residence. Making sure your granite kitchen counter can manage your active family will ensure its life and luster. The basis for both piece and ceramic tile is granite, upkeep, cleaning and setup, and price could be the aspects that alter your choice.


It might appear that floor tile and slab countertops are mounted the very same, yet one needs added labor time and supply materials. Ceramic tiles are smaller and should be laid with each other straightening geometrically and held with each other with the use of cement.

Cleansing and Upkeep

Once once again, the extra grout utilized when mounting granite floor tiles creates more issues than a granite piece. The spaces in between the tiles of granite accumulate and preserve dust and germs. Rubbing these locations too often can deteriorate the finish inducing the have to recoat with sealants. A single piece kitchen counter has fewer splits to attract micro-organisms needs resealing much less regularly.

While utilizing your kitchen counter and scrubbing the bacteria from the grout could sometimes create tiles to chip. With additional sides per tile in comparison to a solitary piece, the locations that could be destroyed from daily wear are raised. Seldom can one ceramic tile be changed at a time, so the countertop would certainly require to be replaced all at once.

A constant surface area with no grooves to catch the rag or solvent not simply makes it simpler to wash but additionally makes reapplying sealant simple and effortless. Despite whether you choose granite floor tiles or granite piece for your countertop, it is very important to comply with the supplier’s guidelines for treatment and maintenance to ensure your granite remains practical and appealing.


The most important detail in deciding is usually the cost. Depending on the dimension of your countertop and the lot of ceramic tiles it will require, granite tiles are usually less expensive compared to a granite piece. The slab, however, has no extra prices linked with it like tiles. With tile installation, there is an added cost of labor to lay the tile out piece by component and the extra expense of cement to attach the floor tiles. By the end of the ordeal, granite ceramic tiles could in fact be a lot more expensive in comparison to a solitary slab.

The basis for both piece and floor tile is granite, upkeep, installment and cleansing, and price could be the elements that alter your choice.

Once once more, the extra grout utilized when mounting granite tiles produces a lot more troubles than a granite slab. Depending on the size of your kitchen counter and the number of tiles it will certainly need, granite floor tiles are often less costly compared to a granite piece. With tile installation, there is an included price of labor to lay the ceramic tile out component by component and the additional expense of cement to connect the floor tiles. By the end of the experience, granite ceramic tiles could actually be more costly than a solitary piece.


lampshades living roomsA basement does not need to be a dark musky place where individuals store the junk they are never going to make use of, and where all the terrifying things happen in horror movies. With a little imagination and a few individual touches, your basement has the possible to become your favorite room in the house-or below our home.


If your basement has actually never been dealt with, you have a little pre-remodeling work to do. Prior to producing your work of art, you have to begin with a blank canvass. Develop your canvass by installing insulation and drywall on the walls and (most importantly) on the ceiling. If cool, urban-chic is the look you seek, go ahead and leave one of the concrete block (CMU) walls (or a part of the wall) exposed. However select sensibly due to the fact that it’s difficult to include electrical wiring on a CMU wall without making it look like an afterthought. Call a basement remodeling specialist to assist with the construction.


1. Add Light

Great lighting can be the distinction in between a dark, even terrifying, basement and an intense, cheery extension of your home. Natural light is constantly more suitable to fabricated lighting, but unfortunately, in many basements it’s either scarce or non-existent. If you are fortunate enough to have a part of your basement that is above ground, benefit from it. Ask your service provider to determine if it is possible to add windows (and even a door) without comprehensive structural projects. Also know anything that is hanging above existing basement windows and blocking out light (i.e. balconies, awnings, or even disordered plants). You might discover that simply getting rid of these things can enhance the quantity of natural light you wind up with.


While natural light is best, for some basements it’s simply not possible. In these cases, fabricated light can be utilized to create a more welcoming area. Given that you are probably going to use your basement for a variety of various activities, go ahead and use numerous different type of lighting. Since they are energy effective and fit into conventional incandescent components, newer CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs are gaining appeal. Technically, they produce the exact same quantity of light as a traditional incandescent, but some designers argue that the aesthetic quality of the light is inferior. Don’t hesitate to blend CFLs with incandescent. Use the CFL lights for daily use, and the incandescent lights for ambiance and even more aesthetically requiring tasks.


When it comes to the fixtures themselves, your choices are basically infinite. Many basements (sadly) are lit by declined, out of date lights leftover from the upstairs area of our home. Budgeting for quality lighting can pay off in the end if you’re doing a basement renovation. They are relatively costly, recessed lighting components in the ceiling can be a nice touch, especially if they are switched over so that each location or “zone” of your basement can be managed separately. If this isn’t really possible for you, a blend of table and floor lamps can be just as functional. The trick is to make certain that every single square foot of the basement has access to lots of light.


2. Include color

Even if you have natural light in your basement, it will still probably appear bleak and rather dark. For this factor basements can tolerate rather brighter than typical paint colors without appearing garish. Primary (Red, Yellow, and Blue) and Secondary colors (Orange, Green, and Purple) work well. You don’t have to vibrantly paint every wall. Simply select a couple of, and paint everything else a more neutral tone. Remember to just change colors on inside corners, never on outdoors corners. If you need to change colors in the middle of a wall or on an outside corner, include a piece of molding to separate the 2 colors. If you have actually a completed ceiling, paint it white to help brighten up the room. Mix a little bit of your accent color in the white ceiling paint; this will make the colors appear like they belong together.


If you aren’t all set to state farewell to your white walls yet, there are other methods to include color to your basement. Fit a festive slip cover over a piece of upholstered furnishings, or paint a piece of wood or metal furnishings. Toss pillows and collaborating location rugs are likewise a great method to add personality to your (now favored) space, and they also give individuals a location to sit on the floor. Always remember to add artwork. Either disconnect something you already possess, or have a few of your preferred personal pictures enlarged and framed.


If picking a paint color frightens you, and choosing furniture makes you dizzy, consider seeking advice from a decorator. Decorators are well practiced, and they typically come up with ideas that you would not have considered. Your decorator can assist you determine what look you are trying to achieve and what colors and designs would be most ideal for your area.


3. Add Accessories

Even though your basement is an extension of your house, it must work for your family as an oasis from the stresses of daily life. The area of your basement isolates it from the rest of your house (and the rest of the world). We have the tendency to think of basements as a safe location physically, considering that they are the location you go to for protection during suspicious weather condition. Nevertheless, a basement can likewise be a safe place emotionally. It’s proper for your basement to be embellished to show your individual tastes and interests. Fill it with things you enjoy (Note: this does not suggest that you ought to mess it up with junk that you merely cannot part with.) Think of the activities that you delight in performing in your extra time, and equip your basement accordingly. Set up a stereo so that you can listen to your favorite music. If you like to play cards, established a table for this purpose. Maybe you’re a fan of billiards. Purchase a swimming pool table so that you can invite your buddies over for a couple of games. Measure the room initially to ensure that it is ideal for the size table you are getting. If you constantly wish to see the newest DVD release, think about purchasing a home entertainment center with surround sound, and transform a part of your basement into a home theater. If you outfit your basement with things you like, you are unquestionably going to find yourself desiring to spend a great deal of time there … and your buddies most likely will too!


Among the excellent threats of basement ownership is that it has the tendency to be a magnet for pointless junk. If you have a different location of your basement strictly for storage, you will not be lured to hang on to a lot, and you will find that it is much simpler to arrange the things you do select to keep. Preferably, you would construct a different room in the corner of your basement to keep stored items from website. Try to think of other methods you can conceal items while still keeping them organized if this isn’t possible.

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windowMany home and entrepreneur are motivated to install energy efficient windows because of the ecological advantages they offer; however together with these environmental advantages, these sorts of windows are likewise cost conserving. Today’s brand-new construction projects usually involve the installation of energy efficient windows, however even in an older building the savings afforded by these sort of windows will often validate their installation. So exactly what are energy efficient windows and exactly what are their benefits?

How they Work

Obviously, the function of heating and cooling your home or business is to regulate internal temperatures. In the summer season, you desire to keep the hot air out and the cold air in, and the reverse in winter. Windows are an important obstacle to heat exchange, however standard windows that are constructed from glass and metal are in fact excellent materials for heat transfer. This can cause a great deal of energy loss.

Conversely, air is not a great conductor of heat. Energy efficient windows for that reason make the most of this home; they are built with a layer of air between two sheets of glass. Often referred to as double-glazed or double-paned windows, energy efficient ranges sluggish heat transfer simply due to the fact that of the presence of air. As window technology has actually advanced, more recent eco-windows showcase a non-toxic, colourless gas that is even much better at resisting heat transfer. In addition, the newest energy efficient windows are covered with an extremely thin film that mirrors sunshine to likewise avoid heat transfer. Lastly, the most effective types are not developed with metal frames. Rather, the frames are insulated and made from non-metal or hybrid products to improve insulation.


The benefits of these kinds of windoes are various. From lower energy and heating costs to reduced fading of carpets and furniture, efficient windows make a terrific selection for any office or home.

Energy and cost conserving – Energy efficient windows have actually been shown to significantly the costs connected with heating and cooling. In simply a few years, these windows will typically pay for themselves.

Decreased HVAC expenses – In addition to reduced cooling and heating costs, high-performance windows also reduce peak cooling and heating loads (the optimum requirement for heating or cooling at any provided time). This implies there is less tension on your HVAC system, and you can frequently install a smaller sized or more reliable HVAC system.

Better comfort – High performance windows prevent windows from getting cold inside and also significantly decrease drafts. In addition, by mirroring sunshine, these windows can prevent the discomfort connected with overheating.

Remove condensation – Conventional windows frequently develop condensation when warmer indoor temperatures get in touch with cool outdoor temperatures at your windows. Because they prevent heat transfer, energy efficient windows are warmer on interior surface areas and minimize frost and condensation.

Avoid fading – Finally, as already discussed, energy efficient windows are normally coated with a thin, clear movie that shows sunlight. This avoids sunlight from entering with windows and fading carpet, materials, art, and furniture.