tile2You’re redecorating and have lastly tightened down your choice to granite. Now you must select a slab or tiles.

Why Does It Matter?

Countertops are typically heavily pre-owneded items in your residence. Making sure your granite kitchen counter can manage your active family will ensure its life and luster. The basis for both piece and ceramic tile is granite, upkeep, cleaning and setup, and price could be the aspects that alter your choice.


It might appear that floor tile and slab countertops are mounted the very same, yet one needs added labor time and supply materials. Ceramic tiles are smaller and should be laid with each other straightening geometrically and held with each other with the use of cement.

Cleansing and Upkeep

Once once again, the extra grout utilized when mounting granite floor tiles creates more issues than a granite piece. The spaces in between the tiles of granite accumulate and preserve dust and germs. Rubbing these locations too often can deteriorate the finish inducing the have to recoat with sealants. A single piece kitchen counter has fewer splits to attract micro-organisms needs resealing much less regularly.

While utilizing your kitchen counter and scrubbing the bacteria from the grout could sometimes create tiles to chip. With additional sides per tile in comparison to a solitary piece, the locations that could be destroyed from daily wear are raised. Seldom can one ceramic tile be changed at a time, so the countertop would certainly require to be replaced all at once.

A constant surface area with no grooves to catch the rag or solvent not simply makes it simpler to wash but additionally makes reapplying sealant simple and effortless. Despite whether you choose granite floor tiles or granite piece for your countertop, it is very important to comply with the supplier’s guidelines for treatment and maintenance to ensure your granite remains practical and appealing.


The most important detail in deciding is usually the cost. Depending on the dimension of your countertop and the lot of ceramic tiles it will require, granite tiles are usually less expensive compared to a granite piece. The slab, however, has no extra prices linked with it like tiles. With tile installation, there is an added cost of labor to lay the tile out piece by component and the extra expense of cement to attach the floor tiles. By the end of the ordeal, granite ceramic tiles could in fact be a lot more expensive in comparison to a solitary slab.

The basis for both piece and floor tile is granite, upkeep, installment and cleansing, and price could be the elements that alter your choice.

Once once more, the extra grout utilized when mounting granite tiles produces a lot more troubles than a granite slab. Depending on the size of your kitchen counter and the number of tiles it will certainly need, granite floor tiles are often less costly compared to a granite piece. With tile installation, there is an included price of labor to lay the ceramic tile out component by component and the additional expense of cement to connect the floor tiles. By the end of the experience, granite ceramic tiles could actually be more costly than a solitary piece.