After being a professional remodeler/renovator for many many many years the one question I get asked is where should I start if I want to remodel my bathroom or kitchen? Well luckily I have the answer for that! I ran across this article that I would love to share with you.

“Don’t start a home remodeling project without being fully prepared. Expert Josh Temple shares his top 10 dos and don’ts to get you ready for your next big project.

1. Don’t remove things from your house you don’t recognize — it may be important.

2. Do allow for waste or error when buying material —¬†always get an extra 10 percent.

3. Do be prepared for what’s behind the drywall or plaster.

4. Don’t mess with structural framing without an engineer.

5. Don’t believe that hard work will make up for knowing what you’re doing.

6. Don’t stop a project mid-way.”

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